Erba (CO), 2013
The urban clearing in the centre of Erba is the space where a new architectural reality can flourish.
Nature, with its strength of climatic and environmental control, is brought to the heart of the city from Como. A punchy, non-cosmetic intervention where nature works to its fullest while speaking a contemporary urban language. This new green heart, constructed of wood and materials from the region, pulses with experimental character and vitality.
On an urban scale, the project develops along the route of the old railway line. It is a guiding line filled with meaning and symbols which can be projected on dimensional and cultural scales. It is Erba’s new green track.
The project area represents a unique opportunity to reform the urban fabric of the city, through the implementation of a set of connections between strategic points; the land is central to the future development of Erba, identified with brownfield areas or those undergoing transformation, and to recompose its limits along the river Lambro.
The abandoned industrial structures from the former Gasfire complex can host new functions and produce architectural energy. The basic concept of the operation is to remove anything that is not structural, revealing only the anatomy of the buildings.
The master plan offers an interesting mix of uses and types of buildings, through a judicious balance between renovated industrial and agricultural facilities and new buildings: homes, workspaces and areas for learning, leisure and culture.
The ground floor is dedicated to public use and pedestrian traffic, and it is designed to provide a variety of urban situations: squares, gardens, paths, places for rest and play.

Technical drawings


Municipality of Erba
First Prizeex aequo
studio wok + Ortalli & Verrier architects + Virginia Ortalli + mutability - Luca Pietro Gattoni
economics: Luca Arnaboldi - agronomy: Stefano Rigamonti - landscape: Federico de Molfetta

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