Roma, 2015
Winning proposal in the competition for the redevelopment of the former Ministry of Finance towers in the EUR district.
The project is based on a simple strategy: let the original stereometric and abstract volumes emerge, wrapped in a new performative and changing covering, out of a large re-naturalised urban base.
An urban space which links back to the fabric of the EUR, a whit in the capital’s molecular greenery. A large three-dimensional system, alive and rarefied at the same time, offering itself up to the vegetation that once again finds space between the stones of the city. In return it offers functions, inhabitants, life: urbanity.
People, first of all. Users, employees, managers, patrons and passers-by. Then vegetation, plants, light, air itself. With people who gather at the foot of the towers, hosted by the welcoming ravines of the base, and then go back up, exploiting the interstices, animating them.
Three elegant and linear volumes and the compressed space that separates them (unites them). A new, essential, skin that technically and compositionally refreshes, in the serene inability of actually changing the appearance, the role of landscape, its iconic value.

Technical drawings

Ground floor plan
First floor plan
Sustainibility strategies
Axonometric cross-section


Invited competition
Alfiere spa
First Prize
UNO-A (group leader)
BEMaa, Calzoni architetti (architecture)
Paolo Bodega (bioclimatic architecture)
Studio Iorio srl (structures)
General Planning srl (plants)
studio wok (architecture)
Emanuele Naboni (sustainability)
Orwell srl + TaDa Lab (rendering)
Stefano Tropea (design coordination)
B22, StudioKU+ (maquette)

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