Montevecchia (LC), ongoing
A modern country house
In 2021 a new house will be built for a couple in the Brianza Lecchese. This project aims to reinterpret the country house in a contemporary way.
We decided to develop a simple idea: a large double pitched roof, the archetype of the house, especially the rural one of these territories. In the sketch we can read a horizontal mark that represents the Montevecchia hill in the background, parallel to the roof.
Working with maquettes at different scales, we defined the living space. The natural light in the basement will come from the sloping patios that extend into the surrounding garden.
The ground floor plan of the house shows the juxtaposition of material blocks, generating, among them, the main spaces of the house.
The inhabited space is fluid and dynamic and the large opening, that characterize the facades, allow the constant dialogue with the garden and the surrounding landscape.
The interior space is complex, it develops vertically on several stories and has a great wealth of views and glimpses of the landscape.
The cross section shows this complexity of the interior spaces: the double-height living room and the sleeping area above both enjoy zenith lights that draw shapes of light on the floor.
The basement space which, thanks to the presence of two large sloping patios, enjoys natural lighting and a view of the vegetation.


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