Porto Cervo, 2021
A tribute to the essence of the Costa Smeralda.
What is the Costa Smeralda, what does its essence consist of?
This was the first question we asked ourselves.

When we think of this part of Sardinia, we think of granite rocks shaped by the wind. The curving materiality of the granite is warmed by the sunlight and by the reflections of the crystal-clear sea, and interacts with the lush greens of the Mediterranean scrub.
The power of the wind erodes and carves out the granite formations, turning them into architectural structures that can be lived in.
The restyling project for the Myrto restaurant is an opportunity to pay tribute to this area and to tell its story.
Architecture becomes a tool for narration and dissemination.
The materials, colours and furniture were chosen and designed specifically for this project, resulting in a site-specific concept.
The interior space takes on the features of a cave with sinuous shapes and Sardinian earth tones that render the atmosphere homely and intimate and bring to mind an ancient idea of the Mediterranean.
In these abstract, curving spaces, coloured furnishings and volumes play in contrast, creating a palette of greens that echoes the hues of the landscape.
The outdoor patio is also transformed into an interior space, an underwater cave with a lightweight roof that reacts to the wind and sunlight, and provides a glimpse of the sky.

Technical drawings



Preliminary and final designs, artistic direction
Myrto - avant-garde pizza and food
Promenade du Port
Mapei Ultratop Loft- floor. custom colour for Myrto
La Calce del Brenta Zer04 - wall finishing
Fornace Brioni - counter covering. custom colour for Myrto
Belca collezione /D - tables and chairs. custom colours and finishes for Myrto
Flos IC - Lighting
Alessandro Stabile x Belca - table and chair design
Atto - graphic design and re-branding
Eluce - lighting design
Simone Bossi photographer
Marzia Colombo
Claudia Begni
Federica Torri
Sara Cefis

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Myrto Restaurant in Porto Cervo