Sedriano, 2017
A project of delicate transformations and a game of visual references.
The rigid separation of the spaces of the existing situation was overcome by demolishing as little as possible, almost through a kind of acupuncture.
Great importance is given to the research of the continuity of vision, allowing the various areas of the home to be linked, whose sequencing amplifies the perception of space.
In a game of perspectives and views, the introduction of single material elements in poplar, such as doors and other items of furniture, produces continuous visual references. The sliding doors in the living room move as if they were theatrical wings.
The simple and distinctive poplar furniture is also found in the sleeping area and service spaces.

Technical drawings

State of the art plan
Project plan


concept design, developed design, technical design and construction supervision
Contractors srls (building contractor)
Falegnameria Bellini (wood carpenter)
Federico Villa studio

Via Raffaele Parravicini n° 16
20125 Milano

T. +39 02 840 766 62
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Nicola Brenna
Carlo Alberto Tagliabue

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