San Maurizio d'Opaglio (NO), 2022
A domestic and flexible office space
The restyling of the headquarters of Quadro, a young and dynamic faucet company, was conceived by remodeling its spaces and transferring the peculiarities of the brand into the project design.
Quadro's innovative approach consists in combining noble materials with a timeless, archetypal, essential design. The project, indeed, involves the juxtaposition of simple and pure volumes, playing with a palette of natural materials in neutral and warm colors.
From a visual point of view, the ground floor consists in a unitary space, questioning the typical corridor-office organization. A sequence of glass walls and the presence of four volumes in birch make this division less clear, allowing the natural light to invade the space.
These elements, in addition to their containing role, give hierarchy to the different spaces and allow them to be divided thanks to integrated sliding walls.
The offices with a higher privacy need, as well as the employers bathrooms and the server room, were located in the southern service area, between the entrance and the staircase leading to the upper floor.
Before getting to the first floor, nearby the changing room and the canteen room, a relax informal area can be found; a birch volume wedges itself under the staircase to manage the division between the productive and the directorial area, leading the visitor to the upper floor spaces.
In the large open-space that serves as the corporate showroom, the products exposition becomes the protagonist of the area.
The setting was designed to exhibit all the collections in a flexible and easily adjustable way: the walls acting as the space background are covered in panels characterized by a regular pattern of holes, while in the center of the area, four birch tables with the top divided into interchangeable panels are located.
On the ceiling, a lighting structure guarantees a proper lighting effect for any different set-up.
The meeting room is characterized by continuous windows on three sides, underlined by a birch boiserie which, on the short sides, becomes a container element; at the centre of the space a large sculptural meeting table in black Fenix takes place.
The natural light was managed with a system of adjustable vertical bands curtains that allow perfect lighting adjustment throughout the working day.

Technical drawings

Planimetria generale
Pianta piano terra
Pianta piano primo


Concept design, developed design, technical design and construction supervision
Quadro srl
Federica Torri
Fioroni, Ardenno (SO) - carpentry
Manerba, Miniform, Hay - furniture
Flos - lighting
Marcello Mariana

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