Verona, 2017
A new concept of bathroom: the space is divisible, transformable and customisable.
Taking up the EERA’s call for a new concept for a minimal bathroom, we came up with a real tool for contemporary living that can be transformed and easily reconfigured, adaptable to any space.
All of the chosen materials are used in a way that seeks to enhance their beauty and natural characteristics: a neutral backdrop made from large slabs of Biancone marble gives way to the tubular steel frame and slabs and blocks of marble which lend tremendous character to the setting.
The wall where the sink is located becomes a field for research on the theme of flexibility. The underlying thickness ensures the presence of an equipped wall, a scenic backdrop capable of leaving the functionality and usability of the sink intact. With the use of only one item, a peg in three different size, items can be added which quickly change the layout of the wall. This one device transforms the bathroom into a real theatre of the everyday.

Technical drawings


concept design, developed design, technical design and construction supervision
Eera srl
Benedetta Sciaraffa, Federica Torri
Eera srl
First Prize
Federico Villa studio

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