Milan, 2017
A contemporary apartment in a building rich in history.
The Ca 'Brutta, designed by Giovanni Muzio in 1922, is a building with an important role in the city’s architectural history. The clients’ request for a contemporary home both in style and in the living spaces made a comparison with the noted history of the building inevitable.
The existing plan was divided into small rooms connected by corridors in a very classic setting.
The dialogue between the new contemporary home and the building’s history can be mainly seen in the living room. The space appears to be suspended between two worlds: history and classicism in the elegant stuccoes on Muzio's original ceilings, contemporaneity in the use of the materials on the floor and in the wide and fluid plan.
The walls contrasting with the numerous windows are the frame that hosts the new family’s story: the objects that inhabit the shelves in the wall and the intense blue colour strongly mark the space.
The carpet in the entranceway welcomes visitors and acts as a filter between the apartment and the rest of the building. The space is outlined in a precise manner, in contrast with the expansion of the living room, accompanied by the vault in the design of the ceilings.
The home is articulated on the trace of a path that outlines the different gradients of privacy that are particular to each environment. Considerable attention is paid to filter devices used to mediate the relationship between spaces of different relevance.
The bedroom is designed as a self-contained suite, located in the most remote corner of the apartment, to which access is filtered by passing through the wardrobe.
The bathroom is the most intimate space yet it is endowed with the external view of the city skyline.

Technical drawings

State of the art
Project plan


concept design, developed design, technical design and construction supervision
studio wok + Carolina Carpaneda
Claudia Begni, Federica Torri
Frigas srl (general contractor)
Arredo 90 snc (wood carpenter)
Federico Villa studio

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