Bologna, 2017
A new urban landscape in balance between history and innovation.
The master plan provides a broad mix of uses and building types: dwellings, workplaces, education, leisure and culture. 
The ground floor is dedicated to public use and pedestrian traffic.
The space is structured in three specific areas to facilitate proper dialogue with the urban fabric of Bolognina.
The driveway crossing ensures access to all buildings without being intrusive or needing movement between areas.
The heterogeneous character of the space and its functional mix ensure continuous exchange with the Bolognina district.
The retrieval of the former barracks, together with the buildings from the project itself, give life to a neighbourhood with a great variety and stratification of architectural language.
The opening of the area to the city and the rediscovery of the existing buildings reinforce the identity of the neighbourhood.
The walkway is the main public space, a shared space and activator of neighbourhood life.
The distribution of functions is designed in such a way as to make use of the area during the entire week and at all hours of the day.
The park inside the master plan will act as a climate activator for the whole district and the eastern fringe of Bolognina.
Substantial portions of the perimeter wall are preserved, transforming its image and meaning: like a filtering caesura providing a permeable welcome, producing a threshold effect.


2 Phase Competition.
First Phase
Municipality of Bologna
studio wok + orizzontale
studio Gattoni Piazza (energy and climate)
Kasia Pawlik, Federica Torri

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