Milano, 2013-15
A new system of public spaces, pedestrian and cycle paths near the Affori FN station.
The project concerns the system of public pedestrian and cycling spaces in the areas adjacent to the underground and FNM stations in the Affori district as part of the master plan by studio UNO-A.
he proposal includes the urban renovation of some pre-existing paths and the market square, and proposes a new lowered square, an area of shared gardens, a bridge near the station and pedestrian and cycle footbridge for passing over railway tracks. 
The cycle-pedestrian bridge is proposed as a point of aggregation and promotion of cycling culture, and it has a parking area.
The garden area - a public space used, designed and maintained by locals - connects to the bridge framework, creating spaces for resting and teaching.
Finally, the cycle-pedestrian walkway develops around the birch grove and allows for passing over the station.

Technical drawings


Developed design
GDF System
UNO-A architetti associati + studio wok
Ing. Carlo Maria Zaretti d'Arpi (bridge), ing. Paolo de Angelis (pedestrian and cycle footbridge)

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20125 Milano

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