Lurago d'Erba (CO)
A building as a teaching tool, in dialogue with its landscape.
The new nursery school stands in a pivotal position between the urbanised space and the wide agricultural basin bordering Alzate Brianza, characterised by high environmental and landscape value.
The difference of approximately 2.5 m in height with respect to the parking space ensures the volume of the school does not obstruct the view of the landscape and guarantees protection and safety with respect to vehicular traffic at the entrance.
The school is a public building and as such must rediscover its value as an institutional representative. At the same time, it has to be a urban building capable of reverberating its presence in the surrounding context.
The school plan, reducing connective space to a minimum, is highly efficient and defines precise and repeated areas which are also connoted in a recognisable and precise way, so as to encourage a sense of belonging and security in the child and at the same time promote orientation and development of autonomy.
The environments, characterised by various materials with different textures and colours, provide opportunities for learning and experimentation, capturing the child’s interest and curiosity and encouraging the construction of knowledge.
The open spaces are visible and accessible from every room in the school, from the play area and the classrooms and even from the cafeteria, making them usable not only for recreational purposes, but also for educational activities through the observation and direct experience, both free and guided, of the change in the vegetation and the environment during the passing of the seasons.
All five classrooms are identical and are separated by movable walls, making them flexible. Access to the classrooms is mediated by a space featuring a zenithal light, where children can be greeted by their parents and where they can store their belongings in their lockers. In addition, the classrooms are conveniently accessible by children and managed by teachers, who can take care of both the individual student and of the entire class.

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Transverse section


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