Norrköping (Svezia), 2011
An urban landscape of living, heroically impractical, which fits in with the surrounding nature.
The project area is located on the southern edge of the city of Norrköping in Sweden.
The project stems from the challenge of avoiding land consumption, preserving the quality of the local nature as much as possible.
The project explores the potential related to the urban scale with just one building, closely integrated with the surrounding landscape, macro architecture capable of combining different scales: global, local, and human.
The project transforms infrastructure into an opportunity for the city, offering a new vision of living in contrast to nearby neighbourhoods.
The proposed model is innovative: combining the lifestyle of a family home with the services of a large residential building, offices, recreational facilities, cinemas and hotels.
The mega structure that acts as a bridge on the road is extreme and provocative, but with a single action it can satisfy all the requirements of the call: permeability, crossing, lifestyle and energy.

Technical drawings


Municipality of Norrköping.
Europan Sweden
Honorable mention
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