Xi'an (China), 2015-17
Architectural Project: Prof. Remo Dorigati and Prof. Pierluigi Salvadeo - with studio wok, Chiara Dorigati, Francesco Fuoco
The new Politecnico di Milano campus dedicated to research, within the XJTU University Campus, located in the Xi'an innovation district.
The model of the incubator for innovation introduces a study on the role of relationship spaces in a sort of reversal of the traditional approach.
The basement is an urban structure in which the public space becomes a place for meeting and exchange. The articulation of paths, gardens and water features promotes an acoustically controlled environment.
The combination of individual and collective spaces, places for research and laboratories for experimentation, results in a hybrid building where the offices are mixed with production environments. The laboratories constitute a podium on which a volume is located that houses the research department.
The traditional hierarchy between served and serving spaces is reversed by generating a "trading zone" made up of working spaces, full of opportunities, in order to encourage the process of idea formulation. In an original set-up, the trading zone pervades the entire organisation of space.

Technical drawings

Ground floor plan
2,3,4 floor plan


concept design and developed design
Politecnico di Milano
Project Leaders
Prof. Remo Dorigati (architettura)
Prof. Pierluigi Salvadeo (architettura)
studio wok (Marcello Bondavalli, Nicola Brenna, Carlo Alberto Tagliabue)
Arch. Chiara Dorigati 
Arch. Francesco Fuoco 
FVPROGETTI - Ing. Filippo Valaperta (structures)
Prof. Paolo Oliaro (plants)

Via Raffaele Parravicini n° 16
20125 Milano

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Marcello Bondavalli
Nicola Brenna
Carlo Alberto Tagliabue

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