Verona, 2011
A riverside apartment where the custom-designed furniture arranges and defines the space.
The young client’s request was to create a dynamic space with a sleeping area, a bathroom and a kitchen, as well as a storage space and a small outdoor area.
The apartment is characterised by the presence of a single element of fixed furniture, a diaphragm that divides the different rooms and acts as a container.
The wooden element manages the space of the house: an entrance that serves as a corridor/walk-in wardrobe, a sleeping area with bedroom, hallway, bathroom and a living area with a hall and a foldaway kitchen.
The attic window leads to a small pocket terrace overlooking the river Adige, from which a metal staircase leads to a terrace placed on the flat roof of the attic.

Technical drawings

State of the art plan
Project plan
Roof plan


concept design, developed design, technical design and construction supervision
Federico Villa studio
PFM contract (building contractor)
Albi srl (wood carpenter)
Tecnobitre (cement floor)
Ing. Ilaria Segala (structures)
Architetti Verona 2013 Finalist

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