Milano, 2014
La Terrazza dell'Arte becomes a bridge between Muzio’s solidity and the temporary nature of the park, an intimate space within a public place.
The Terrazza dell'Arte is a flexible device: a restaurant, exhibition space, belvedere, lounge, and event venue. It is a new pavilion in an exceptional place, rendering it habitable and usable.
Its rhythm of life is the equal to that of the Palazzo dell'Arte, its architectural nature is as a bridge between Muzio’s solidity and the temporary nature of the park.
Projected towards the park, the central hall divides the large outdoor terrace into two. This settling space opens onto a view of the park and is the main access to the restaurant terrace.
The most private part of the restaurant consists of three communicating rooms of equal size, separable with panel curtains.
Each room exists as a kind of painting towards the park, the part towards the terrace is entirely glazed and can be opened. Ogni stanza è una sorta di “quadro” verso il parco, la parte verso la terrazza è interamente vetrata e apribile.
The rooms represent an intimate space and are collected within a collective context where it is possible to enjoy the warmth of a domestic space even in a public place.

Technical drawings


Invited competition
Triennale Milano
studio wok + Barreca & Lavarra Architetti Associati
Claudio Barborini, Samuele Paudice
Nicola Sardano (structures)
Emilia Wanderlingh (food e branding)

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